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Trailer Management
Solution for Non
Refrigerated Trailers.

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TrailerTrak from Thermo King is the trailer management solution for non-refrigerated trailers.

TrailerTrak is a GPS-based trailer management solution providing fleets with real-time and historical trailer status information. TrailerTrak works both when the trailer is tethered and untethered, driving improved asset utilization.

TKEC TrailerTrak product
  • Real-time trailer tracking - location, speed and distance traveled.
  • Replay trailer routes with dwell time details.Replay trailer routes with dwell time details.
  • Trailer utilization - stops and movement times to detect unauthorized usage.
  • Geo-fence locations and run reports of trailer dwell times by location.
  • Automatic notifications of trailer entry, exit and movement in geo-fences.
  • Tethered detection to monitor trailer operations.
  • Customized and scheduled reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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